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About the Company

The Sand Dollar Group Team has extensive legal, business, finance, research, and management experience in the United States and abroad. The Sand Dollar Group team is tenacious in representing the interests of its clients. We are based in Oakland, California and are certified as a small business with both Alameda County and the City of Oakland. We have offices and affiliates in The Bahamas, The Philippines, and in Europe.

An international network

The Sand Dollar Group has an extensive network of international business and legal professionals who go the distance to ensure your needs are met across countries and multiple time zones. Whether you are operating in the United States, Asia, the European Union, or the Caribbean, we have the ability to help you. Our language capabilities include English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Tagalog.

Confidence and Confidentiality

  • We execute our client strategies with the professionalism you deserve. We put the full weight of our systemic knowledge of law, business, and military process behind all of our strategies to ensure the service you receive is well above and beyond what you can expect from most companies. You will be confident that our solutions are precisely tailored to exploit all possible strategies with the highest sense of duty and professionalism.
  • We will always aggressively protect our clients' identity to the fullest extent possible and will never sell, disclose, or otherwise reveal who our clients are. We take pride in building a fortress around your operations, identity, and assets.



Our team of business, finance, and legal experts is aggressive in representing your interests.

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