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Sand Dollar Group, LLC

A global network of lawyers, business, and finance consultants serving law firms, corporations, individuals, and government agencies the world over - helping business grow locally and globally.

In the eye of the storm

The hectic and fast paced nature of global law, finance, and commerce operations requires highly adaptive, flexible, and cost effective legal and business solutions for law firms, businesses, and high net worth individuals. Our attorneys, finance, and business management specialists will help you weather the storm with global legal, business, or asset protection strategies.

We will help you navigate through an ever changing global economic, legal, and business environment. With operations in the U.S., The Bahamas, Europe, and The Philippines. Contact us now to learn about our services.

Our Services

  • Business Startup & Financial management
  • International legal services by a global network of attorneys and paralegals.
  • Business management and agency services designed to help you incorporate, manage, and grow your company domestically or globally.
  • Research & consulting services designed to give you political, business, and economic intelligence to help you manage risk and make the right decisions as you forge into foreign environments.
  • Asset protection and management services including business & family immigration, banking, captive insurance, and immigration services.
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 Sand Dollar

The Sand Dollar Group provides its elite international clientele with professional legal, financial, and business services designed to enhance your business operations  and ensure your personal and business assets are protected. We provide our services to you with the unrelentingly high standards of diligence, professionalism, security, and privacy.

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